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Please share this page with anyone you know, that is interested in 9/11. This is a resource that is different from other 9/11 material. This experience; from that day, is more unique than you might think. Many people that I have talked to; in the years since that day.. 9/11/2001.. they almost always tell me about where they were; watching a television set with the networks reporting on what was happening... Even my friend; who was initially with me at the onset of what I captured, went back down to his apartment to watch the coverage on tv. I'd bet; seriously, that very few, watched the attacks in real-time, outside of the media. When I say watched.. I mean stayed with it. . I certainly had an urge to go into my apartment and watch the news.. What kept me out on the fire escape, was my wife.. I could physically see where she was.. For awhile, I could talk to her on the phone, looking at the location where she was.. It was like glue, keeping me there, out there.. Besides 'Tuesday Morning in September', being the most complete continuous running account/chronicle.. it turns out to be one of the only examples we have, of someone exercising autonomy.. thinking for themselves.. outside of the authority guided news coverage.. Maybe, that is what is the most phenomenal aspects of it.. Oh.. I know.. most everyone that reads what I just wrote.. their pride, just made their temperature rise.. Oh well.. that's pride. The media covered what happened, like a deity sees things.. from different angles, perspectives, adding commentary from talking points directed from above; the authorities.. what have you.. cutting away to them, to hear their imbued responses.. That's not reality.. That is theater.. It is a presentation.. We're so used to life being presented to us, in a format.. that real life responses, outside of produced ones.. are uninteresting, even suspect. Well; what I captured, whether respected or not, is a natural paradigm.. the only one that has ever surfaced from that day.. The few people that truly know that.. are the ones that also have a problem explaining to others what it is.. We're like a bunch of zombies, believing that we are exercising vast individual freedoms, when we are programmed beings; for the most part, exercising the antithesis of autonomy. Even with the issue of the sale of the dvd of this capture.. It would have had a lot more sales if it were being delivered by Walmart, or was in the dvd catalog issued by The History Channel, or some other programmed source. This whole experience; going through this process.. has really opened my eyes. Anyway.. If you don't share this page, it might simply be because you are afraid that I will make a buck, or two.. If that's you, then you are the zombie that I was referring to.

'Tuesday Morning in September'

Is an over two hour account of 9/11. Albeit, it is an authentic account.. it is a story.. a true story. It is continuous, in real-time, a veritable chronicle from a single source. It is emotional, but genuinely so. The account is captured from a fire escape in Jersey City, across the Hudson River. The videographer, Jim Kosior, can be considered the conduit. There are several other individuals in the story that make for this experience, one of the most intimate windows looking upon the human condition.

The vantage point in which Tuesday Morning in September is filmed from: Jersey City, New Jersey is one of the most iconic views of the Manhattan cityscape. Jim’s extenuating circumstances, outside of the World Trade Center attacks, give the viewer contrast and shifts attention to other happenings in Jim’s life on 9/11, and many synonymous with others throughout The U.S. that day.

Tuesday Morning in September begins innocently at breakfast, 15 minutes before the first strike, downstairs with his neighbors. At one moment, Jim is staring down at an omelet and in the next he begins to film what, in time, may be considered the experience of that day that is most close to capturing the heart of the nation, from the events we know as 9/11.

The vantage that Tuesday Morning in September is captured from is one of two main iconic views that people coming into Manhattan experience. During the filming there’s panning that encapsulates the entirety of the cityscape. To the left of The World Trade Center is The Empire State Building uptown into the 100′s towards The George Washington Bridge, and to the right stands the Statue of Liberty in the Hudson Bay then to Staten Island, and Bayonne.

The historic Jersey City & Harsimus Cemetery, is the location from where this 9-11 chronicle, is captured.  Its history as a strategic military post dates back to the earliest time of the Dutch, English, French Colonial days, and Colonial Wars, when it was battled for as an ideal lookout position/vantage.

The location was used, spanning The Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The destination of The Underground Railroad, (utilizing the bunkered/tunnels directly under the feet of the cameraman who captured this WTC Attack account ).  And was used during The Civil War; as well, for military manuvers, and as a strategic outlook post.  During WW1, and WW2, The Harsimus Cemetery, was also used as a troop training grounds.  Read more about its history on the website for The JC Harsimus Cemetery.

The very lookout that 'Tuesday Morning in September', was captured from on 9/11/2001.. is the very same, as mentioned above.. It is the most recent addition to its rich, and soon to be Nationally recognized historical monumental status.

Again; in a more modern, iconic sense... The cityscape of Manhattan, as viewed from 84 Waldo Avenue, in Jersey City, New Jersey.. is all-encompassing. . You are directly accross from The World Trade Center, with The Empire State Building to the left/North, and The Statue of Liberty to the right/South.. From the moment that you see these two monumental national symbols, you begin to understand your surroundings. The footage allows you to grasp the environs in a manner that is lacking in any account known.

Another thing.. This story is likened to a virtual reality like experience; however cathartic in that it allows viewers to experience the events of 9/11 without the steady release of adrenaline, that so many prevalent accounts have exhibited. Tuesday Morning in September presents a bearable view of what happened that fateful day.

Perhaps the most interesting piece to Tuesday Morning in September is the fact that Jim has another issue at hand during the account. Intermittently, attention is shifted from The World Trade Center to The Empire State Building. The reason for this is because Jim’s wife works only blocks away from The Empire State Building.  Jim pleads with his wife, over the phone, to get out of New York City; to come home.

Tuesday Morning in September showcases what many Americans might have felt that day. Being uncertain of what was going to happen next. Or perhaps, this account will be what some will take away as their account of 9/11.. It is not merely an American story.. it is a story that touches all.

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