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Information about 9/11 commemorative prints

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'Tuesday Morning in September'

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'Tuesday Morning in September'

The most complete continuous running chronicle
of The WTC Attacks;
to ever surface from that day.

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An over two-hour as-if-you-are-there..


Hello.. If you are a trained consumer of goods and services, then you'll; more than likely, move on from this opportunity to own this account on DVD that I captured, released, and am distributing..  Just the fact that it is not being sold from Walmart, or is not listed in the 'September 11 Museum'.. catalog.. and or, has not had any real national attention, will send the consumer cows running off to the manicured pastures made ready for them by those who control what is made prevalent, and what is not..  Shame, they'll miss, one of the most unique historical accounts to ever surface.. I hope that you have enough autonomy to overcome the stronghold that they have on you.. and buy this DVD.. from me.   Seriously, Jim kosior

From a recent viewer of: 'Tuesday Morning in September': "This recording is absolutely amazing. It may be the best yet to surface. There is so much going on in it that I don't know where to begin a commentary. There is a first-person, real-time, narration of the events, but not by a journalist. Rather, the photographer is a regular guy reacting from his gut. Indeed, he is even prophetic at times, predicting further events. He is not only filming the event, but he is also a real-time husband looking out for his wife. He is a employee calling into work. He is a friend looking out for his "best friend," a best friend with the name "Hussein," no less, a friend who's confusion and fear is palpable. I could write about this video for hours.. Great instinct.." 

From a recent viewer of: 'Tuesday Morning in September': "Hey wow, that was gripping. I was saying out loud “don’t pan the camera away” as we know what is coming, but you ofcourse you did not at the time. Amazing video really when you think of the whole big picture. Having enough video tape, batteries, foresight to keep filming. When you moved to the roof I was like “Fuckman don’t move!!” But you got there in time to get the shot.  Anyway I am interested to know if you believe it was planes/ terrorists / Demo."

From: Mrs. Omie Svetlick, "i have watched this film probably 10 times, at least. everytime i watch it i catch something else that i didn’t see before.this is an account that no one should miss. i have found a different place in my heart for people, in general, since viewing this film. you will be on the edge of your chair… when you watch it. it is interesting, informative,and something that the news didn’t show you"

from: Dr. Anthony Birch: ""We might say that your film provides the right kind of "respectful distance" from its subject matter. As we discussed, I think the new images on your page are excellent and also evoke respectful remembrance. Feel free to quote and/or use any part of my "review" (actually, just comments). I really do think your film is "in a class by itself" and "Spontaneous, live documentary and creative film-making at its best." "" (from a review on the fb page for this documentary)"

From: Jimmy Pressley, "Tuesday Morning in September is as gripping a story as I've ever seen involving September 11th 2001. It puts you at the perspective as more people were that day, not in New York. Yet it gets you a step closer in emotion. The attacks still make me tremble and the collapses...cry. It was captured in all its terror here and the emotion is true, real from the cameraman, Jim. To me, the most unforgettable."

From: Karen Conley Horning, "Everyone needs to see the dvd. Makes you feel like youre there."

From: Krissy Marie, "I have this DVD and it is a must see... althrough you will need a couple of boxes of tissues!  I applaud Jim Kosior for making the true story as it happened without all the news bull that we all got that day and the fact that they never aired it without all the political and government and other crap.  People only want to really see things as they happened since the news never really serves the truth.  Good job Jim."

From: Nick Przekop, "This real account of 911 from Jim's perspective is amazing. It captures that day like no other account I have seen. Its a live play by play from Jim. While watching this dvd, I felt like I was there. Witnessing the range of emotion, put me back in that day. From enjoying that beatiful morning, to shock and awe, to empathy and anger. Sucked me right in like I was there with Jim."

From: Tony Constabile, "I can honestly say this is the most complete untainted account I have ever seen!"

From: Matt Bolton "Just received the DVD today! Thanks again. Can't wait to show my 8th grade U.S. History classes."

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'Tuesday Morning in September'

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DVD Runtime: 130 minutes -
of first capture material that never aired
on any Television Network.
It is the most complete running chronicle
to ever surface from that day.
Released nearly a decade from 9/11/2001
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This is not a production.
It is a pristine account from that day.
It's raw.. It is as it was..

A short interview with the filmmaker:

Here is someone receiving the DVD:


You'll hear this echoed elsewhere in this description..
This is the only outside of the media; as if you are there-like
paradigm captured, from 9/11, to ever surface..
There is no other..

You have the media REPORTING ON 9/11,
then you have this..
This is something that you have not
seen from that day.. If you have not watched this
in its entirety.. you don't know what it is.

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The following gallery was created from 
'Tuesday Morning in September'
The following sequential gallery
was created from the over two hour
chronicle: 'Tuesday Morning in September'.
There are other renderings on the website whose
links are below.
These impressions are mixed media, tempera on sandstone.
Please consider getting a print.
They are expertly printed on either metal,
canvas, or high quality paper stock.
You can choose your own combination
of matting and frames on the website.

Prints are available: